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Turn your ideas into applications

By combining design, code and deployment, the CEPHORIA® platform radically simplifies development and creates space for innovation.

The platform makes it faster than ever to develop complete, scalable applications for enterprises. With CEPHORIA®, professionals can turn ideas into real code by leveraging aligned libraries and components and, if needed, a network of experts and partners.

CEPHORIA® contains a collection of tools, code generators and workflows. An automated app framework with best practice concepts is faster than programming from scratch.

CEPHORIA® then takes care of the infrastructure, distribution, maintenance, operation, monitoring and security throughout the life of the project.

Business critical applications - with high performance code

Accelerate your time-to-market and get backlogs under control with the team you already have.

The CEPHORIA® platform radically accelerates developer productivity, promotes CI/CD at the highest level, and enables teams to deliver unique, high-quality, complex apps in a short period of time.

In the enterprise software space, platforms must generate auditable, open-source code and ensure a chain of custody for data storage. For example, this restricts data storage to specific geographic regions and can help ensure that applications on the platform comply with regulatory requirements.

Development according to the highest quality standards

Develop business-critical applications to the highest quality standards

Deliver high-quality applications to millions of consumers and core systems to enterprises that meet all the criteria for business-critical software – with easy integrations, AI validation, cloudnative scalability, security, resilience, and performance.

Low code or pro code?

CEPHORIA® offers the best of both approaches, taking care of the infrastructure, distribution, operation, monitoring and security of the application on the one hand, and providing access to the source code of the managed web applications and mobile apps for your experts to ensure full programming flexibility on the other. And that both in the cloud and on-premises.

The CEPHORIA® platform is designed for a rapidly changing world. If you have need for custom development, CEPHORIA® also offers App Development by our partners and experienced project managers and developers. Contact us today to discuss a quote and timeline for your custom app.

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