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What the CEPHORIA platform offers software developers


Optimal connectivity: Exchange data with other systems quickly and easily via REST-compliant programming interfaces.

The web applications and mobile apps communicate with the backend via our application programming interface (API). In addition, a flexible toolbox is available that allows you to integrate your application with any other system.

This allows you to receive data quickly and automatically from a wide variety of systems and evaluate it centrally – and pass this data, as well as the results of your application, on to other systems just as quickly.

The connection to other databases, applications, devices or sensors (“Internet of Things”) is often a mandatory requirement for well-functioning processes and optimal results.

CEPHORIA Application Hub

For your users, the CEPHORIA Application Hub is the central entry point to all applications provided on the platform.

Even in medium-sized companies, the complexity and variety of specific applications and cloud solutions has grown considerably in recent years. It is not always easy to maintain an overview and good structures.

The Application Hub is a new technology that gives you centralized control and management of all your applications for all user groups.

After logging in, you will see all the applications to which they are entitled. The CEPHORIA® platform supports the use of various logon mechanisms.

CEPHORIA Authentication

Authentication as a basic function.

User registration and login is one of the key functions for developing a secure application.

In addition to the integrated authentication, CEPHORIA supports other authentication providers such as Azure Active Directory, but also Google or Apple accounts.

CEPHORIA Authorization

Role concept as central elements of any enterprise application.

After successful login, authorization takes effect via an attribute- and function-based roles & rights concept for the allocation of access rights.

CEPHORIA Multi Tenant Concept

Tenant concept with Netzerk separation

In addition to typical cloud scenarios, tenants in CEPHORIA can also be equipped with their own separate databases.

CEPHORIA Security Concept

Role concept as central elements of any enterprise application.

In addition to the encrypted transfer and storage of data, all essential functions for the development of a secure and standard-compliant application are available.

CEPHORIA Report Manager

Individual and quickly customizable pdf reports – that also look good

While data and results are getting from your platform to users in many places today via apps, push notifications, or other digital ways, there are still many cases where a traditional, pixel-perfect PDF report is a tried and true way to go.

The Report Manager offers you the possibility to quickly and easily create the appropriate reports for your application from JSON data – even without HTML and CSS knowledge. Using WYSIWYG, both your account managers and your customers themselves can easily customize reports to suit their needs.

CEPHORIA Multi Language Concept

Optimal central management for all languages of your application

Many applications need to be available in multiple languages. At the same time, managing different language versions with unsuitable solutions is often very time-consuming, confusing and error-prone.

For quick and easy translation and also ongoing maintenance of your different language versions, the CEPHORIA® Multi Language Concept offers you a central, consistent and easy-to-use solution and translation tools.

CEPHORIA User Experience Concept

Satisfied and convinced users through cross-platform UI and UX for your application.

CEPHORIA® provides you with a consistent and cross-platform UX/UI concept at project start. Of course, you can quickly and easily adapt this to your corporate design and brand strategy. So you start with a unique, consistent and proven user interface right from the start.

As a result, your users will find their way around your user-friendly and consistently structured application right from the start – and thus become satisfied users.

CEPHORIA Native Mobile App Concept

Add mobile apps to your web apps on all platforms

In addition to the browser-based user interface, a responsive Single Page Application (SPA) based on REACT, the CEPHORIA® platform offers concepts for offline-capable native mobile apps for mobile use with deployment channels to Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

CEPHORIA Media Center

A simple document management system “out of the box

Almost every software solution needs a good document management system sooner or later. From secure, audit-proof storage of your files, to fast and uncomplicated updating and assignment of new files from a wide variety of sources, to sophisticated tools for administration and management – even with large volumes of data and high numbers of files. Inadequate solutions quickly cost the entire team a lot of time and nerves. And this often results in a confusing data pool that is difficult to control.

With CEPHORIA® Media Center, your software solution has an individually customizable document management system with many important functions. This way, all users of your app have the tools that are important to you and an optimal overview of your files right from the start. Even streaming videos from the Media Center is possible .

CEPHORIA Docker Readiness

Easy deployment of applications

Docker simplifies application deployment and the images it creates ensure that application functionality can run in any environment. This advantage occurs because all applications and their dependencies are consolidated into one Docker execution container.

CEPHORIA Deployment Center

For the optimal “Go Live” of your applications – whether on-premises, at your hoster or in the CEPHORIA Cloud.

CEPHORIA® applications are deployed “Docker-ready” via a CI/CD pipeline. In this case, the overall functionality of the application is divided into different services. This offers significant advantages for both the performance and maintenance of your application, while allowing you to install on a wide variety of platforms.

Whether you run your application on-premises, with any provider, or in the CEPHORIA® Cloud. The Deployment Center offers you all the options for a quick and uncomplicated “go-live” of your digital idea.

Other CEPHORIA highlights:

Event bus

For communication between applications

Dashboard Concept

For individually optimized dashboard solutions

Messages & Alerts

Notifications in applications

Background Task Scheduler

For processing background jobs

3rd Party Integration

Connection of upstream or downstream applications

System Interfaces

API-supported infrastructure and tenant management


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