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CEPHORIA: That's how you develop today.


Thursday | June 15, 2023 | 3:00 pm

Today, optimal team management and highly efficient resource planning are more important than ever in the development of software solutions. Everyone who works in this field knows that. Today, it is crucial for business applications in particular to be technologically up to date. And if you want to get and keep good developers, you have to make sure that they enjoy their work.

The Pro-Code approach solves exactly this problem.

A Pro-Code platform like CEPHORIA delivers from the start many important features you need for any business application today: Authentication, role & rights management, multilingualism, standardized API, security concept, report manager, media center, document management, deployment center, Docker readiness, native app concept and much more.

You and your developers no longer have to worry about basic functionality. You get them with an optimal tech stack for business applications at the start of the project and can take care of the important things from the beginning: The use case of your project.

This not only ensures fast and efficient development with the latest technologies and solutions – it’s also simply more fun. Because only very few people enjoy developing and adapting the basic functions over and over again.

The contents of the live webinar:

  • State-of-the-art software development: How to develop business applications today.
  • Pro-code versus low-code: Which is suitable for whom?
  • IoT, portals, mobile apps, process optimization, AI solutions: What business applications have in common.
  • The team behind CEPHORIA – and why the heart of the technology comes from Bavaria.
  • What the Pro-Code platform CEPHORIA provides you with to start your project.
  • The CEPHORIA Tech-Stack: The fastest and most efficient way to your business application.
  • AI solutions in software development: The future has begun.
  • Expert talk: Exchange with the architects & developers of the CEPHORIA Pro code platform.
The webinar is free of charge with limited attendance.
Feel free to sign up. We are happy to exchange with you