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Datico Sport & Health Ltd.

Datico Sport & Health GmbH develops  platform-based data management solutions for

  • Competitive Sports & Sports Medicine
  • Research & Clinical Studies
  • (Corporate) Health Management
  • Military, firefighters and emergency services
  • System manufacturer

DATICO Sport & Health GmbH

Marktler Straße 61
84489 Burghausen – Germany
+49 (0) 8677 76794-0


Datico Performance Management in the Military

Web application (On Premises)

Performance diagnostics | Performance assessment | Analysis of strengths & potentials | Control of test batteries | Central data and file management | Direct data exchange with devices | Instant reporting

As part of a project order, DATICO developed a software solution for the central management of performance tests for a special unit in the military.

The solution allows the planning and execution of complex test batteries with a large number of tests and athletes with complete digital connection of all diagnostic systems used (COSMED, Contemplas, Skillcourt).

The evaluation and assessment of the test results is automated using specific evaluation models that can be adapted at any time.

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