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Health Management

Better collaboration, easy documentation and transparent results through central data management.

Health management and preventive medicine in the digital transformation

Preventive medicine as well as (occupational) health management have been gaining in importance for many years – and are experiencing an enormous digital transformation in many areas.

From diagnostics and analysis in the practice or on site, to the planning, implementation and documentation of measures, to success monitoring and ongoing support – in all areas, digital solutions make processes simpler, faster and better.

How your digital idea becomes a digital health management solution

Of course, the requirements for a digital solution for prevention or health management vary depending on the facility, focus, structure, equipment, as well as the structure and process of customer care.

Your own digital solution will lead to the goal if it fits your facility, your specific focus and your requirements, wishes and goals. To do this, your solution should offer a variety of specific functions for health management and prevention. And it must be individually tailored to you – both in terms of content and appearance. And it’s fast, easy and cost-effective.

CEPHORIA: The application platform for your digital solution

With CEPHORIA and our partners’ prevention and health management solutions, you have a new opportunity to develop your own software platform.

In addition to the numerous functions for software development, a wide variety of partner solutions are available to you: For the implementation of the checkups in the practice or on site with networked systems, through the planning, implementation and documentation of the measures to the documentation of the results and the success control.

Use cases for health management

  • Health Information System
  • Appointment & Resource Management
  • Order Entry (Order Management) 
  • Reporting portals
  • Drug lists 
  • Device management / Device management
  • Duty roster management
  • Visitor Management
  • Critical Incident Reporting System
  • Document Management
  • Quality management
  • Audit Management
  • Contract Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Knowledge base
  • Bulletin board

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