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Software Vendor (ISV)

It has never been easier to bring digital solutions to success with your entire team quickly, easily and efficiently. Discover CEPHORIA as the basis for your innovative and sustainable projects.

Your applications: State-of-the-art and future-proof

Continuously deliver new and innovative applications without incurring technical debt with the CEPHORIA® application platform. Benefit from the latest technological innovations in the area of infrastructure: central application hub, Docker technology, cloud readiness and much more. 

Transform your mission-critical applications into modern, multi-service web applications and apps. Integrate and organize all applications in your central, scalable application hub. And keep your entire application environment up to date with the continuously improved and updated CEPHORIA application platform.

Strengthen your team!

By using the CEPHORIA® application platform, you strengthen and relieve your entire team. Your developers access one of the most advanced application platforms that is continuously enhanced and optimized for you and your team. 

This way, your team always uses the best and latest technologies, works on a uniform and standardized basis and is freed from numerous, often time-consuming routine activities

Integrate all applications on one platform

Customized systems and outdated software solutions cause high maintenance costs and affect performance and customer satisfaction. Bring structure and overview to IT landscape. Create the unified workplace of the 21st century. The CEPHORIA Hub provides you with a central platform for all your applications. 

This allows you to deploy all your applications at a central point, and step by step bring together your often heterogeneous and decentralized solutions on a central hub. This makes the daily work easier for you and your team – and at the same time provides your users with a better overview and a completely new experience.  

Fast, simple, efficient - and safe!

Transform your IT structure quickly, easily and efficiently – without compromising on security. The CEPHORIA application platform provides you with the most advanced enterprise solutions for your optimal security strategy. 

Try it out! 

Use cases for software vendors (ISV)

  • Fast implementation of all business applications
  • App Development & Deployment
  • Management of multilingual projects
  • Complex role & rights systems
  • IoT / device connectivity
  • Document Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Application Modernization  
  • Authentication
  • Ticket Management
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • ERP Integration

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